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PHOTOS: Frida Kahlo and Her Photos have left MoLAA

Visitors to the Museum of Latin America Art check out the exhibit “Frida Kahlo: Her Photos” in Long Beach on Friday. The exhibit closed June 8th.

PHOTO: Jay’s Hearing Aid Center

Anjan “Jay” Muhury, owner of Jay’s Hearing Aid Center, looks in to a sound booth at his Long Beach office.  Muhury runs the tiny hearing aid business battling larger corporate chains that offer hearing aids.

PHOTOS: Mercedes Benz Starts work on Long Beach Campus

Workers prep holes in the cement for pilings at the new Mercedes Benz Long Beach Campus on Wednesday. Mercedes Benz is moving their West Coast regional facility to a building near Long Beach Airport. The historic location was opened in 1941 as home to the Douglas Aircraft Company and later was home to the Boeing 717.

PHOTO: Pink the Pelican is Free!

Pink the Pelican takes of after being released in San Pedro. The pelican was found with a mutilated throat pouch in Long Beach earlier this year.  After two surgeries and several weeks in care at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center, the adult Brown Pelican has made a “record time” recovery.

PHOTOS: Demolishing Freeway Connectors

Workers dismantle the southbound connector from the Long Beach (710) Freeway to westbound Ocean Boulevard in the port of Long Beach on Saturday. The ramp, along with the northbound connector, are being demolished and rebuilt as part of the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project.

PHOTOS: Long Beach City College Freedom Fair

Long Beach City College Veterans hold their first Freedom Fair at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

PHOTOS: Capturing Moments of Graduates Capturing Moments of Themselves – The Selfie

Graduate Selfies at Cal State Long Beach.

PHOTOS: Cal State Long Beach Graduation

Graduates at the first of nine ceremonies at Cal State Long Beach on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

PHOTOS: Hello (again), Dolly Varden!

After eight months of restoration the Dolly Varden sign is back where it had been since the 1930s — atop The Varden Hotel in downtown Long Beach.

The sign, which advertises “A bath in every room,” was restored by co-owners Larry Black and Charles Knowlton with a grant from the Long Beach Navy Memorial Heritage Foundation.

When asked about the cost of the restoration, Black wasn’t comfortable revealing the numbers, only saying, “It cost a lot — more then I expected … in the tens of thousands.”

Black explained the challenges of restoring the sign.

“It was more deteriorated then we had thought,” he said. “At certain points you could push your finger into 80 years of deterioration.”

The landmark sign is now its original black with off-white lettering and will glow blue and red when lit.

The Dolly Varden at Fourth Street and Pacific Avenue was constructed in 1929. The now-famous sign was added in the early 1930s, and it was recognized as a vintage historical object and granted landmark status by the City of Long Beach in 1995.

Dolly Varden was “an eccentric circus performer” who had a wealthy admirer, according to

“Supposedly, he built the building for her,” Black said, and she lived in the top floor of the hotel in a number of the rooms.

Black and Knowlton have owned the hotel since 2006 and have been refurbishing it since. The sign was the last piece of the puzzle.

“Once this is up, the building is totally done … the building is fully restored,” Black said.

PHOTOS: Women Converge in Long Beach

The 29th. California Women’s Conference in Long Beach.

PHOTOS: Long Beach Fire leaves Scar on Wetlands

Charred grass and palm trees are what remains on Thursday after a fire in the Los Cerritos in Long Beach on Wednesday.

PHOTOS: Kentucky Derby winner Victor Espinoza Visits City of Hope

Kentucky Derby winner Victor Espinoza, center, jockey for California Chrome, shares a laugh with pediatric patients Carolina Ayala, 10, left, and Abner Ruano, 13, at City of Hope in Duarte Tuesday. He has been donating 10 percent of his earnings to City of Hope, which meant giving them around $14,000 for the Kentucky Derby victory.

PHOTOS: Body Found in Burning Long Beach Home.

The body of a woman was found in a burning home in North Long Beach on Tuesday. The fire ignited in a single-story home at 340 Del Amo Blvd. at about 10:15 a.m. and was extinguished within minutes. Long Beach Fire Department spokesman Matt Dobberpuhl said firefighters found a body inside the home. The woman’s identity was not released. Read the story>>

PHOTO: Nothing Happened on the way to the Gerald Desmond Bridge

A bottleneck of traffic was expected, but never appeared, Monday morning when the southbound Long Beach (710) Freeway to westbound Ocean Boulevard connector ramp was shut down for two year.  A piece of construction of equipment sits atop the ramp in the port of Long Beach. The ramp will be demolished. The northbound ramp, left, will be closed later this year.

PHOTOS: Long Beach / Los Angeles Port Truck Drivers on 48-hour Strike

Los Angeles and Long Beach truck drivers are conducting a 48-hour strike for fair and lawful treatment against the Ports of LA/Long Beach terminals. Read the story>>

PHOTOS: Long Beach Bluffs getting New Look

Workers install shotcrete along the bluffs in Long Beach on Monday. The shotcrete, meant to stop erosion along the bluffs near Bluff Park, is a solution some community members think is heavy handed. They’re calling a special city council meeting Tuesday at 4 p.m. to get the project halted, at least temporarily. Shotcrete is concrete that is sent through a hose at high velocity onto a surface.


A car sits on the Metro Blue Line track after being struck by a train in Long Beach on Friday. A police spokesman said the car was attempting to turn left on the Long Beach Blvd. from 14th. Street. There were no life-threatening injuries.

PHOTOS: Bisons Need Help Preventing Unwanted Pregnancies

Bison on the interior of Catalina Island between Haypress and Patrick reservoirs. Wildlife biologists Calvin Duncan and Julie King were looking for specific female bisons to shoot with a dart that will deliver contraceptive to the animal. The conservancy is working to keep the bison population around 150.

PHOTOS: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Day 3

PHOTOS: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Day 2

PHOTOS: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Day 1

Day one of the Long Beach Grand Prix is in the books – here’s what I saw.

PHOTO: End of the Pier

The form we site of Ruby’s on the Seal Beach Municipal Pier Monday. The Seal Beach city council is going to make a decision about which business to allow to take over the restaurant location. A chain link fence blocks access to the end of the pier.

PHOTOS: Termino Avenue Bridge

Workers dismantled part of the north bound Temple Avenue bridge where it crosses the San Diego (405) Freeway over the weekend in Long Beach. Work is being done to repair water damage to the bridge.

PHOTOS: Bixby Knolls

A peek in to Long Beach’s Bixby Knolls neighborhood

PHOTOS: A Little Rain in Long Beach

Here is a peek at a wet day in Long Beach.

PHOTO: Dinosaurs go Extinct on Wardlow Road

Jose Barajas, left, Jose Silva, right, and Leo Martires work to remove dinosaurs along Wardlow Road near El Dorado Park in Long Beach on Tuesday

The Dinosaurs were originally intended to be placed in City parks and used as bike racks. The Director of Parks, Recreation and Marine felt that they could pose a risk to kids who might want to climb on them rather than use them to lock their bikes. Ed Kamlan in the City Manager’s office said, “Rather than keep them in a city warehouse, we have been looking for places to display them to add some “whimsy” to appropriate areas.” One of those areas was on a median on Wardlow Road at El Dorado Park..

“The traffic calming experiment has ended and the dinosaurs will be replaced by trees to provide landscaping that blends in with the park environment on either side of the Wardlow, explained Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske.

According to Schipske’s office, “If the average speed is not slowed down, the State may require the City to raise the limit to 55 MPH which would negatively impact the neighborhoods”


AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Valentine’s Day Weddings

Here is a little video of people getting married at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder office in Norwalk on Valentines Day.

For Emmanuel Vaughn, re- membering his wedding anniversary won’t be a problem – he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Desarae Flowers, on Valentine’s Day.

“We wanted to do it on lovers’ day because we love each other so much,” said Vaughn, of Long Beach.

His new wife chimed in, “We’ll never forget this day.”

Sharing the Vaughns’ wedding day were about 150 other couples who married Friday at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Re- corder/County Clerk office in Norwalk – about five times more than a normal day. Tucked away in a fifth-floor corner of the gov- ernment building were six chap- els made from high-walled cubi- cles decorated with red stream- ers and paper hearts. A rotating crew of commissioners waited to marry anybody who paid the $90 license and $25 ceremony fees.

Surrounded by friends and family who had a difficult time squeezing into the cubicle-chapel, an excited Teri Skipper of Long Beach said she’d been engaged to William Skipper for seven years and eight months, and that get- ting married on Valentine’s Day would be “the perfect day.”

Despite being together for eight years, and talking about marriage for many of them, George Stefanis said his decision to wed Peter Guerrero on Valen- tine’s Day was an off-the-cuff deci- sion. The day before, Stefanis thought, “Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day – let’s just go get it done.”

PHOTOS: Kicking off the Start of Construction at the Long Beach Grand Prix

Officials hold a construction kick-off photo pop a day after construction started on the Long Beach Grand Prix.

PHOTOS: Building the Long Beach Grand Prix

Over the next 60 days crews will spend 10,000 man hours to set up 16 grandstands, 51 suites and nine bridges along the Long Beach Grand Prix course. They  will also place 2,200 10,000-cement blocks that will serve as a race barrier. The contest is April 11th. through 13th.