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PHOTOS: Long Beach State Softball loses to Notre Dame, 8-0

Long Beach State softball takes on Norte Dame during the NCAA Regionals at UCLA on Friday. The 49ers lost to the Fighting Irish, 8 to 0.


It really was like the Super Bowl for a city without an NFL team. I left Long Beach at 10 AM for a 1:30 start time – while it only took a half hour to get to Pasadena – it took an hour and a half to actually get in the Rose Bowl parking lot. Once in the stadium I’m lugging 40 pounds of photo gear up and down the sidelines to cover the game. When I cover a game I really don’t care who wins, I’m just looking for good, storytelling images. About halfway through the game USC scores a touchdown right in front of me (you can even see Pete Caroll celebrating in the background) and had they won this might have been on the cover of sports – but they blew it. So instead UCLA is celebrating on the cover of sports and this image is destined to live as ones and zeros in the series of tubes that makes up the internet. Click here to see more pictures >>

Both sides of the lens

i-411a1b91a636e22d38104a172906ccc4-20061117_lbsu3.jpg Shooting at the Pyramid is always fun – especially becuase it’s one of the brightest college venues in Southern California. Because of the shape of the building, a pyramid of course, the lights are basically on the walls. This makes the players side lit and eliminates shadows found in most other gyms that have lights in the ceilings. — But enough of the technical stuff.

The fun stuff is taking pictures from two places at the same time. If you look at tomorrow’s (Saturday, Nov. 18) Press-Telegram sports section you may notice that the two action pictures from this game are from different angles. One from up top and one from the floor.

To be in ‘two places at once’ I used a remote camera (see arrow in the top image and the close-up to the left).

The remote camera took a picture every time I pressed the shutter button on the camera in my hand. The picture on the left was taken by the remote camera – the arrow is pointing to me.

The result is the picture on the left, which was taken by the remote camera while I was on the other side of the court.

Click here to see more pictures from the game >>