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DNC: Thursday

Here are some pictures from the last day of the DNC.

The day started slow. My first assignment was to take pictures of the crews dismantling the set the Democrats used at the Pepsi Center, home of the Nuggets and Avalanche. The entire show moved to Invesco Field (formally Mile High Stadium) for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

DNC: Wednesday

Wednesday started slow, but like every day during the DNC, it didn’t stay that way. At 7:45 I met up with Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster during the breakfast for the California Delegation. After that I photographed Madeline Albright at the 2008 Rocky Mountain Roudtable. Then it was on to the protester of the day, a women who helps organize Code Pink. Next up was the RFK fundraiser with Ethel Kennedy and a bunch of other Kennedys.

When I was done shooting the Kennedys I headed to Invesico Field (formerly Mile High Stadium). Someone heard a rumor that Barack Obama would be checking out the stage for his big night. I and other photographers waited for him to show. After a few hours the other shooters left and I waited, and waited, and waited – by myself. Technicians were roaming the stadium checking lights, running cable and setting chairs. Five hours later he made his appearance. I finished working around 11 pm. Another long day in Denver – but worth it.

DNC: Danny Glover


Valerie Jackson, the widow of Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, shares a moment with Danny Glover in the VIP room before the start of the Civil Rights Sensational Live Concert at the Buell Theater in Denver, Colo.,