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Now you tree it, Now you don't

Today the Long Beach Fire Department tried to demonstrate how fast a Christmas tree could catch on fire. One problem, the tree wouldn’t light. The first tree they lit had small flames which quickly went out and the second was too green to hold a flame. But the lack of an ignitable tree wasn’t gonna stop the demonstration – with a bunch of wadded up pages of the Press-Telegram under the tree and the pines sufficiently doused with gasoline all that was needed was a small flame and BOOM, the Conifer lit up, well… like a Christmas Tree.
Click here to watch the video>>

Black Friday

SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING. The line at the Best Buy in Lakewood was so long that it wrapped around the entire building. The start of the line is on the the left and the end of the line is on the right. The shopper in front of the line missed his Thanksgiving dinner because he started waiting Wednesday evening for his chance to purchase a 42″ Plasma for $1000 ($1700 off) and a $230 laptop. Click here to see more pictures>>

Feeding the Homeless

Today is Thanksgiving an my assignment for the day was to find people feeding the poor. I started by calling places I new had meals available, one place only did it on Christmas, the next place I called wasn’t doing it this year and the third place I was going to cover had already been photographed and was the paper yesterday. I was stumped – what was I going to do? Then I pulled up to the Press-Telegram building and across the street Renee Day was feeding the homeless… JACKPOT! Day has been feeding and clothing the needy for 11 years from her Ppine Avenue hair studio. Click here to see the Picture>>>

Slow News Day

Wow, talk about a slow news day – sure we’ve got a paper to fill, but this is just a truck. Thats right a motorcoach, bus or, if you prefer, recreational vehicle. The City of Lakewood just rolled out its Emergency
Operations Center/Community Resource Center. The center, uh.. I mean… RV, has a table in the back for meetings, a computer work area and some televisions. I’m not sure how the city will use thier new ‘mobil meeting space’ but I do know they won’t be able to park it on a city street without a permit.

Whats Does the Turkey have to be Thankful for?

You find them all over the world, and now you can find one in Long Beach too… A live poultry market. Thats right, live chickens, turkey and rabbits are all awaitng their destiny at the new PCH Poultry and Market. The animals aren’t processed (killed) until they are ordered by a customer, talk about fresh! You can get a chicken whenever you want, but if you want to hand-pick your thanksgiving dinner you needed to do it yesterday. Take a peek inside the market >>

Homeless March (in November)

I always enjoy watching other photographers contort themselves for a picture. This is a photo I took of Photographer Russ Roca taking a photo. I’ve often wondered what I look like when I’m working. Anyway, today Homeless people and their supporters marched through the streets of Downtown Long Beach – in their words, ” to bring awareness of the 4,500 homeless in the city.” – The ironic thing is that the only people around to see the march were the people who live there – and they already know about the homeless because they see them everyday. I think they should have marched on a weekday when city officials and business people could have seen them. – Oh well, I guess if they were good at PR they wouldn’t be homeless. Click here to see more pictures of the march>>

Both sides of the lens

i-411a1b91a636e22d38104a172906ccc4-20061117_lbsu3.jpg Shooting at the Pyramid is always fun – especially becuase it’s one of the brightest college venues in Southern California. Because of the shape of the building, a pyramid of course, the lights are basically on the walls. This makes the players side lit and eliminates shadows found in most other gyms that have lights in the ceilings. — But enough of the technical stuff.

The fun stuff is taking pictures from two places at the same time. If you look at tomorrow’s (Saturday, Nov. 18) Press-Telegram sports section you may notice that the two action pictures from this game are from different angles. One from up top and one from the floor.

To be in ‘two places at once’ I used a remote camera (see arrow in the top image and the close-up to the left).

The remote camera took a picture every time I pressed the shutter button on the camera in my hand. The picture on the left was taken by the remote camera – the arrow is pointing to me.

The result is the picture on the left, which was taken by the remote camera while I was on the other side of the court.

Click here to see more pictures from the game >>

K-9 First Aid

After reading that Long Beach K-9 officers spend thousands of dollars of their own money to care for their dogs – Veterinarian Greg Perrault decided to help by providing first aid kits and training for the officers. Here Perrault explains how to use your hands to create a seal over a dog’s snout for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital.

A New Place to Put Your Trojans

The Long Beach State 49ers opened their new season in a new building – USC’s new building that is – The Galen Center. But, I couldn’t see the game because a beautiful cheerleader was blocking my view. Even as the Trojans dribbled up and down the shinny new court workers were waxing floors and wet paint signs hung on some walls. It’s a beautiful building – the type of place that would be great for hosting Ballroom Dancing should Los Angeles ever get the Summer Olympics again. Click here to see pictures of the game>>

Legend Lost

Funerals are tough. As a journalist I sometimes have to cover the deaths of noteworthy people in our community. As a member of the community I worry about bothering the family so I can “do my job”. The goal is always to be respectful to the mourners while covering the story. Sometime that means shooting from the balcony during the service – today it ment standing across the street. It was the funeral service for Marlin McKeever, a two-time All-American at USC who played also played for the Los Angeles Rams. McKeever died last Friday of head injuries from a fall at his home earlier in the week. He was 66 and lived in the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach. Click here to see more pictures >>

East visits West

One of the best things about being a photojournalist is getting to see things that are “out of my world” – that’s me on the left. – Since Long Beach is the home to the largest Cambodian population outside of Cambodia it seemed natural a group of dancers from the Plam Tree Orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, would stop in California on their way to New York. The group is visiting the United States to raise money for the Palm Tree and ChamCao orphanages in Phnom Penh. Click here to see more pictures >>