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Dreaming of a Park

Kids at Orizaba Park got a chance to help design their new park. The City of Long Beach, jetBlue and KaBoom got the youngsters together to ask what they wanted in a new park and while some of the ideas, like a pool or a rock climbing wall, may not pan out – it will be interesting to see if any of the ideas the kids had make it in to the final design. Another photographer at the paper told me she shot a similar assignment and the kids all wanted a soccer field, but when that park was built there was no field, just plastic playground equipment. The park is slated to be built in February.

The Paradise Gardens is neither

The north complex of the Paradise Gardens apartments were engulfed in smoke and flames Friday evening. I was sitting in our new lofty perch (the newsroom) when I got a call about the fire. After battling traffic to get to the scene the Long Beach Police were uncharacteristically nice as they moved the barricade and let me park inside the police line. First thing I saw was residents being treated by firefighters – but when I lifted my camera to my eye and pushed the shutter button I heard an unfamiliar THUMP – it was the mirror inside the camera body breaking. So now my job just became twice as hard – not only did I need to cover this major story in our city, but I had to do it with one camera. One camera might sound like enough, but when your used to having different camera with different lens just an arms reach away the change can really slow you down. I watched as the firefighters fought the blaze and the Red Cross set up a shelter in the high school across the street. – Then the politicians started showing up; First it was Counclilman Val Lerch, that makes sense, the fire was in his district. Then Mayor Bob Foster, ok, he is the mayor of the city. Then Coucilmember Bonnie Lothenthal shows up, not sure why, she’s in charge of the first district, but she looked like she was enjoying reading to children in the shelter. And for some reason I can’t figure out there were a number of Realtors wearing name tags with their agency name on it trying to help. All in all it was a pretty long night.
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Wild Art

i-1164823febfd61587aced21c6f64cf11-20061205_wildart.jpgIn the newspaper business we call it Wild Art, although sometimes its referred to as a ‘lines only’ picture or Enterprise Art. What is it? It’s a picture that stands alone, usually a graphic picture, or a pretty picture or an image that tells a story better then words could – and sometimes we just have extra space in the paper – either way, when the call for ‘Wild Art’ comes in I cruise the city streets looking for something happening to make a picture. Today it was easy as I glanced out the window of our new offices and saw the shadows dancing on the pavement 13 floors below.


It really was like the Super Bowl for a city without an NFL team. I left Long Beach at 10 AM for a 1:30 start time – while it only took a half hour to get to Pasadena – it took an hour and a half to actually get in the Rose Bowl parking lot. Once in the stadium I’m lugging 40 pounds of photo gear up and down the sidelines to cover the game. When I cover a game I really don’t care who wins, I’m just looking for good, storytelling images. About halfway through the game USC scores a touchdown right in front of me (you can even see Pete Caroll celebrating in the background) and had they won this might have been on the cover of sports – but they blew it. So instead UCLA is celebrating on the cover of sports and this image is destined to live as ones and zeros in the series of tubes that makes up the internet. Click here to see more pictures >>