Monthly Archives: February 2007

Stage 7

For the final stage of the Tour of California bike race I shot video – yes, video! Its a shame though, because thousands of people see my pictures in the paper, but less then 200 viewed this video. Since your reading this, click here to check it out>>

Stage 6

This stage of the Tour of California bike race went 105 miles from Santa Barbara, through the mountains, to Santa Clarita (Magic Mountain). For this section I was shooting from the back of a motorcycle, weaving in and out of mountain roads, the support vehicle and the riders themselves. At times we were so close to the races I could have extended my arm an knoced them to the ground. Click here to see more pictures>>

California Winter

When I think of a polar swim I envision some place with snow on the ground – maybe Michigan – where the water is actually cold. But for the polar plunge in Seal Beach the water was 62 degrees! Thats good, because Rachel Cushman, left, and Jacqueline Diulio could wear their bikinis and join about 200 other swimmers just West of the Seal Beach (Calif.) pier during the 2nd. annual Polar Plunge. The plunge raised money for the Special Olympics. See the pictures >>