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Juanita Millender-McDonald, 68

Valerie McDonald, daughter of U.S. Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald, holds hands with her family and Carson, Calif. councilwoman Lula Davis-Holms, left, during a memorial service for her mother at Christ Central Baptist Church in Carson, Calif. on Monday, April 23, 2007. Millender-McDonald died yesterday, succumbing to colon cancer at the age of 68 at her home in Carson. Click here to see more pictures>>


What do you get when you put 2000 stoners in the hull of a giant ship? I don’t know, but it sure didn’t smell pretty. The 420 Smoke on the Water Music Festival featured pro-pot acts like KottonMouth Kings, King Spade, Sen Dog from Cypress Hill, Bredrin Daddys, and Dogboy. The fact that there were thousands of pot heads there was not surprising – although I surprised by the number of parents who drove their children to the event – most were from the 909.

April 17, 1975

Virek Vy, left, plays Cambodian Chess during a gathering to remember the Pol Pot’s take over of Cambodia on April 17, 2007. Surviors of the Killing Fields commemorated the April 17, 1975 rise to power of the Khmer Rouge at Wat Vipassanaram, a Buddhist temple. Check out more pictures >>

Two Balls for the Price of One

The Grand Prix Association used to have a black tie Ball every year – until 2003. This year the group that puts on the big race in Long Beach hooked up with the Boys and Girls Club during their 52nd. Annual Gala to raise money. Here Summer Barnes demonstrates her gymnastics skills as she introduces herself while practicing her performance.

Rescue MEow

It was a slow day and the Photo Editor tells me she got a call from some residentsin Lakewood about a cat that has been stuck in a tree for three days… After I finished laughing I headed over to the 5400 block of Pearce Avenue to check it out. Sure enough there it was, a cat, sitting atop a 50-foot tree. According to the neighbors they had been calling the Los Angels County fire department everyday for the past three days and their response was, “Its not our job.” People who live on the street also tried the Human Society and the county animal shelter. All the agencies told them to put food under the tree and the cat would eventually come down.

After spending an hour taking pictures, talking with the residents and recording audio I headed back to the office. The neighbors called the fire department and told them the I was there. About an hour later the Fire Department showed up to save the cat.
I feel so used. Click here to see an audio slideshow>>