Monthly Archives: June 2007

Artesia Grad

As far a graduations go, this was was pretty sedate. Before the ceremony started the teachers were bragging about how ‘fast’ it would be and the speakers were called to the stage one after another with no personality or excitement. But that didn’t stop Darren Wallace from being overcome with emotion as he receives his diploma.

Wilson Grads

Kim Harden holds a sign with pictures of her daughter Amber Harden at Stepehns’ Field during Wilson High’s commencement ceremony.

Mad Teachers, Mad Unions

Long Beach Unified teachers got mad at their own union when the board of the union decided to fire its executive director. Here a teacher screams at the door of TALB president Tony Diaz after he and other union members stormed the building demanding that the board of directors reinstate its executive director, Scott McVarish. The teacher refused to be identified becase he said he, “hates the Press-Telegram” Click here to watch the video>>