Monthly Archives: September 2007

Dog Day Morning

Last night I was sick as a dog so when I awoke I was dog tired. After I read my assignments I thought to myself, “this paper is going to the dogs”. I looked out the window and was glad it was not raining cats and dogs. I was going to complain to my boss about what I had to shoot today, but I figured I better let sleeping dogs lie because you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I decided I didn’t want to turn in any pictures so I just told my boos that the dog ate my pictures.

Guarding the Game


Really no story here – I just like the moment I found when I got to the game. Junior ROTC Poly recruit Jeramy Ov, left and Private Audrey Deveraturda stand guard at the entrance to a tunnel before Poly takes on Lakewood during their Moore League game at Veteran Stadium in Long Beach, Calif. on Friday, September 28, 2007.

What do Ansel Adams and I have in common?

What do Ansel Adams and I have in common? Before today my only answer would be that we are both photographers and both fond of Yosemite. But now I have another thing in common with Adams – we both shot the same statue. He photographed the Angel of Sorrows at Sunnyside Cemetry in Long Beach in 1939 – I photographed it today after vandals pushed the 1 1/2 ton sandstone statue off it pedestal.

"I'm shot!" — just kidding

Another day another shooting – well, kinda. The police received a call of a shooting at Cal Rec Park but when they arrived there was no victim. Turns out residents did hear gun shots and saw a man running down the street shooting. The confusing part was that some kids walked in to the rec center pretending they were hurt. In typical fashion the Long Beach police cordoned off the entire neighborhood, grabbed every kid they could find, started searching cars and question neighbors.

Buzzing to the Moon

Buzz Aldrin was in Long Beach today. That’s not really newsworthy and neither is this picture. But I did find something amusing – THE 38 YEAR-OLD SPIN.
Everybody knows that Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon and Buzz was number two. But, Buzz’s website refers to the moon landing like this,

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed their Lunar Module on the moon’s Sea of Tranquility and became the first two humans to walk on the moon.

All of a sudden Buzz is the first at something and not the second – interesting.

Ultimate Fighter


Old-timer street fighter/boxer Jimmy Harryman took a swing at me! Yes, it’s true. I Show up tp take his picture, he dons the glove and comes within in an inch of my face – then laughs. This guy, now in his 70s, was one of the original street fighters – he told me he learned to fight when he was growing up in Compton. The big C was a bit different then – but apparently still a rough place and it also seem Harryman was a tough guy. He was a San Pedro longshoreman that was coined “King of the Street Fighters,” He also played football for the Chicago Bears and played rugby. His football career earned him JC All American honors at Compton College, a scholarship to the University of Washington.

Cleaning up is a Beach

Jessica Brimley picks up trash in Belmont Shore. She was among a few 100 people who joined Justin Rudd in his 100th. consecutive monthly ’30-minute’ beach clean-up. Since the first cleanup in June 1999 Rudd says he estimates he and his volunteers have picked up well over 10,000 bags of trash.