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Jump Shot


Millikan’s Ashley Smith (21) goes up for a shot as Jordan’s Artavia Gillard (3) chases her to the basket during their game in Long Beach, Calif.

…and his dog Spot


Anybody over 25 who grew up in Southern California knows this guy… It’s Cal Worthington…without his dog Spot, riding as the Grand Marshall of the Long Beach Veteran’s Day Parade. — Calvin Coolidge Worthington is best known for his television ads featuring his “Dog Spot”, except that “Spot” was never a dog. Often, Spot was a tiger or elephant or bear.

In 1950, Worthington moved to Huntington Park, California with a Hudson Motor Car dealership, and purchased time for a three hour live country music show on television every Saturday and Sunday. When television became more established, and sponsorship of entire programs was unfeasible, he went to doing commercials, saturating the overnight station break schedules of every local station in Los Angeles. One of Worthington’s rivals was Chick Lambert of ‘Brand Motors Ford City’ who as pitchman always introduced “my dog, Storm” ( a large German Shepherd Dog) as a prop in the commercials. Storm would be seen lounging on the hood of a car, or sitting behind the wheel, or walking with his owner along the rows of cars. Worthington countered with his first “dog” Spot — a gorilla that roared. The response was so positive that a campaign was born, featuring “Cal Worthington, and his dog, Spot!” Among the many creatures who were features as Spot were a killer whale from SeaWorld; a lion; an elephant; a goose that in a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, ruined his suit; a tiger; various snakes; a rhinoceros and a carabao (water buffalo).
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LB defeats C

Poly High’s Ricky Johnson (4) high-steps in to the end zone as he outruns Compton’s Benjamin Maluia (39) during their Moore Leage game in Compton, Calif. Before the game Compton was undefeated this season – but Poly had more riding on it – their 13 year winning streak. That’s right, the last time they lost a league game was in 1994. Tonight was no different, final score: Poly 47 – Compton 14.