Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Pump Stops at $100

I remember filling up my car once at a remote gas station somewhere between Baker and Pharump and the pump stopped at 50 bucks. Looks like the new limit is one-hundred dollars! and this is a Vons!

Spoiler alert! – Prision Break


Crew members use a black shade to block the Press-Telegram exit and stop me from taking pictures during a scene from the show Prison Break filming at Arco Center in Long Beach. Little did the crew know that they were filming right in front of the newspaper offices. The location manager said he didn’t want me taking pictures because I might spoil the plot.

I guess thats the risk you run when you film in front of a newspaper.

You can see the picutres from the filming here>>

Readers Roving and so am I


The Press-Telegram has a long standing feature in the print edition called Roving Reader. Subscribers are asked to submit photos of themselves in exotic places holding a copy of the P-T. I’m sure this was harder years ago when the paper was thicker, but these days travelers can just folder it up and stick it in their pocket.

During a recent trip to Cambodia writer Greg Mellen and I didn’t want to be left out so we took our own Roving picture. If you want to see more readers roving click here If you want to submit your own photo click here

Amber sings


Opera singer Amber Mercomes will be performing June 29 at the Museum of Latin American Art in a show featuring Latin and African-American music. She then will hit the road for Rome, where she will peform in the lead role in an opera to be performed at a festival.