Monthly Archives: November 2008

Turkey says, "NO THANKS"

I took these pictures two years ago. Happy Thanksgiving.

Marco Lopez slits the neck of a turkey destined for a dinner plate at PCH Poultry and Market. The store is the first one in Long Beach where you can buy a freshly slaughtered chicken, turkey or rabbit.

Cheap Gas!



Gas sinks below two bucks in Long Beach. At the Arco on Del Amo Street and Cherry Avenue regular gas is $1.959 a gallon while the Shell and Exxon on the same corner are selling it for $1.999.

El Dorado Fishing Derby


James Benedict, 10, joined hundreds of other kids as they angled for fish in one of the lakes at El Dorado Regional Park. The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation gave out free rods, reels, and bait and educated kids on proper fishing techniques and etiquette. The lakes at El Dorado are stocked by the California Department of Fish and Game. The fish (catfish and trout) are bred and raised at hatcheries and planted in rural and urban lakes. See more picture/buy reprints>>

Orange is the new Green


I got an urgent message on Facebook from a former reporter at the Press-Telegram that the folks at the Queen Mary were painting the smoke stacks green! Well… It turns out what was happening was a staged press event because the Air Quality Management District gave the ship an award for using environmentally safe paint. The painters are actually painting the smokestack orange, well, they look orange to me. The ship calls the color ‘Cunard Red’ and says it’s the original color of the historic ships stacks.

Cars, Cars and more Cars


Cars are starting to stack up at the Port of Long Beach as foreign new car sales plunge. New car dealers order cars months in advance but have the authority to reject delivery if demand decline.

THEN AND NOW: Cock 'O the North


Scribbled on the back of a print made in 1955 was, “Atlantic Avenue business area.” I guess in 1955 it was, but in 2008… not so much. The top pictures is a view of the 5800 block of Atlantic Avenue looking south on May 12, 1955. The bottom image is today. The only constant is the Gage Pharmacy which is half way down the block on the right (about the very middle of the picture) and the Cock ‘O the North sign on the left.

Lucky to be Following Davik


Hearts without Boundaries is at it again. Peter Chhun, the non-profit’s founder, has found another Cambodian child in need of heart surgery and the hospital that will donate its services. Soksamnang Vy, which means Lucky Friday in Khmer, will get his heart repaired in Vegas. He ans his mother, Ratha Pang, left, arrived in the United States tonight and were greeted by relatives including her aunt Lim La, right.

McCain defeats Obama


Second grader Tobias Kim casts his ballot during election day at Valley Christian Elementary School in Bellflower, Calif. on November 4, 2008. The school held a blind taste test of the U.S. presidential candidates’ wives cookies . The day’s theme is, “It’s not politics, it’s cookies!” and it’s part of the school’s “God and Country” week. Michelle Obama’s cookies are shortbread cookies with a zest of lemon and orange and Cindy McCain’s cookies are oatmeal-butterscotch. The final tally was Obama 146 and McCain 295.

Mother of the Year


Eva Daley, 31, sits in court as she receives a sentence of 15 years to life for the murder of Jose Cano. Daley was found guilty of second degree murder for driving her 14-year-old son, Mauricio Rivera, and six of his friends to the 14th Street Park last summer to kill their 13-year-old gang rival. She steadfastly denied knowing what her son and his friends were up to as she drove from house to house, picking up the boys before taking them to the park where their rivals were known to hang out. The prosecutor argued that Daley knew full well what was going to happen and wanted revenge because the 13-year-old victim had stabbed her son just six months prior, and then came to her apartment on the day of his slaying with his fellow gang members and attacked her building with roadside flares.