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THEN AND NOW: Long Beach Freeway (I-710)


TOP: (original caption Dec. 8, 1952)
IN USE WEDNESDAY – This is the section of the Long Beach Freeway which will be opened Wednesday. This view is from the Willow St. overpass looking north on December 8, 1952. Officially known as the Long Beach Freeway, it runs 23 miles north from Long Beach to Alhambra following the course of the Los Angeles River for most of its route. The first section of the Long Beach Freeway opened in 1952; the last in 1970. Originally numbered CA 15, it was renumbered CA 7 in 1964 when work on began on Interstate 15. In September 1983 it was approved as an interstate, and In 1984 it was changed I-710.

BOTTOM: View of Interstate 710 (Long Beach Freeway) from the Willow St. overpass looking north on August 26, 2009. The growth of cargo trucks at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has added an enormous amount of truck traffic to the Long Beach Freeway, since it is the most direct route between the port complex and the railyards in Vernon and East Los Angeles, as well as the Pomona and San Bernardino freeways. It has also become a major source of air pollution, emanating from diesel-fueled trucks idling in rush hour traffic congestion and giving cities along its route some of the worst air quality in Southern California.
Caltrans and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority have called for an expansion of the segment of the freeway between the San Diego (I-405) and Pomona (SR-60) Freeways. It would include dedicated truck lanes, elevated carpool lanes and up to 10 lanes for general traffic. By using existing right-of-way along the Los Angeles River.

Don't Park on My Street! … please


This sign, and others like it, line the south side of the 5700 blcok of Parkcrest Street. The notices, requesting that visitors park elsewhere, feature a city logo and a Parks and Rec logo. According to 5th. District councilwoman Gerri Shipske
it’s not an official sign and it is illegal to post things on trees and utility poles.

Explosion on the Peninsula – NCIS: Long Beach


The new show NCIS: Los Angeles was filming, and exploding, the end of the Peninsula today. The location manager didn’t want me around, so I had to shoot from a few blocks away. Last October CSI: Miami was exploding things in Long Beach too, if you want to see what an explosion looks like when the crew gives you access, click here>>

PHOTOS: Vigil for Jacob Benavidas, 15


Chayanne Alarcon, left, rests her head on the shoulder of Lorissa Benavidez, during a vigil for her brother, Jacob Benavidez, in Long Beach, Calif. on August 20, 2009. Jacob Benavidez, 15, was killed Tuesday morning in a walk-by shooting. Benavidez was on a stoop talking to a friend at about 12:30 a.m. when a single gunman approached and killed him with a volley of shots to the torso. See more pictures>>

Schooling the chief


A familiar face at the entrance to city hall, sergeant Dan Tellez keeps an eye on the entrance most days. Police Chief Anthony Batts trained under Tellez for six months when he was a rookie cop. The city of Oakland announced that Batts will be assuming the top-cop job in the bay area city in September.

PHOTOS: Boys and Girls Club backpack give-a-way


Boys and Girls Club member Breana Sanchez holds on to her new backpack in Long Beach, Calif. on August 13, 2009. Six hundred backpacks full of school supplies donated by employees of Fluor Corporation were given to children at the club. The workers pitched in $5000 and got Office Depot in Norwalk, Calif. to discount the school supplies. See more photos>>

THEN AND NOW: Ocean Blvd. looking east


View looking east on Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach, Calif. on August 1, 1976. On the right is the Ocean Center building which, built in 1929, still stands today. In the center, is the Jergins Trust Building that was named for the Jergins Trust oil company. The Ocean Avenue side of the building housed the Lowe’s State Theater. On the left is the Breakers which was built as a hotel in 1926. It is now a senior living community. Photo by Bob Shumway/Independent, Press-Telegram

View looking east on Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach, Calif. on August 6, 2009. The Breakers is on the left and the Ocean Center Building is on the right. The building that appears to have taken the place of the Jergen’s Trust Building is the Salvation Army Building. The Salvation Army Building, built as Crocker Plaza in 1982, is actually east of where the Jergen’s Trust Building was located. Photo by Jeff Gritchen/Long Beach Press-Telegram

His Nesting Place is looking for protection


Maureen Young, a resident of His Nesting Place, listens as Phil Hester, director of parks and recreation, discusses putting cameras on top of their building to watch the surrounding area. The home for single mothers has been besieged with graffiti and drug dealing neighbors.

VIDEO: Chevy Volt at Plug-in 2009

The Chevy Volt, well, at least the guts of it, is on display at Plug-in 2009 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The plug-in car goes 40 miles on a charge – but when the battery dies a gas generator starts making electricity for the engine giving it an effective 230 MPG. GM says it has a range of 300 miles.

PHOTOS: Youth Jobs


Christian Jefferson helps Lenny Arkinstall, not pictured, build a green house at Marine Stadium. Jefferson works under the city’s Youth Employment Program which puts at-risk students to work for private employers. Arkinstall is in the process of taking clipping of plants from the Green Belt before it is destroyed for a drain project. See more pictures>>

PHOTOS: Superman? Maybe. But not quite faster then a speeding bullet.


His name might be Hercules… and he might be wearing a Superman shirt, but Josue Hercules is not quite faster then a speeding bullet. He is, apparently, strong enough to survive a gunshot wound to the head he got from stray bullet during a gang fight in front of his family’s Long Beach home. The bullet, which entered through his neck and lodged behind his forehead, miraculously did not seem to cause any permanent damage.See more pictures>>

Obama in Compton


While cruising through the city of Compton looking for pictures for our annual Way We Live magazine I ran across this mural. While there are other portrait city hall, including Kennedy, Thrugood Marshall and Martin Luther King, Jr., Obama gets top billing on the side of the building that faces Alameda Street.

PHOTOS: Wrigley youth get to work


Adrien Clark, 17, left, and Peter Ek, 20, help clean a garden at Birney Elementary School on August 6, 2009. The pair, along with others, have been spending the summer dirtying their hands working on a variety of projects for the Wrigley Association, including neighborhood cleanups, the creation of a community garden and other jobs. This is a paid job. See more photos>>

Truck smashes in to Long Beach Paramedic Truck


The drivers of a pickup truck stand in the intersection of Alamitos Ave. and 10th. Street after hitting a Long Beach (Calif.) paramedic vehicle on August 5, 2009. No one was injured.

“Rescue 2 was traveling West bound on 10th Street transporting a patient to a local hospital from a prior medical response, when it was struck by a pick up truck traveling at a high rate of speed, as reported by witnesses…The single male driver of the truck was transported to a local hospital in mild distress for the treatment of unspecific injuries. One of the Paramedics on Rescue 2, who was treating the patient in the back of the Rescue, received injuries, including symptoms of back pain.”