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PHOTOS: Longfellow teacher gets slimed


Nolan Brown is all smiles after dumping slime on Longfellow Elementary school teacher Joseph Sarabia on May 27, 2010, as a reward for reading over 250,000 minutes outside of school in Long Beach, Calif. Sarabia has issued the challenge to his fourth grade classes for the past eight years but this was the first time they completed the task. The class has now read almost 300,000 minutes. The 36 students made the slime from Borax, Elmer’s Glue, food coloring and water. See more pictures>>

THEN AND NOW: Shoreline Drive, 1982 & 2010


TOP: View looking west on Shoreline Drive from Pine Ave. on October 8, 1982. ORIGINAL CAPTION: Arco towers, second building from left, is one of several new sleek modern structures. Photo by Curt Johnson / Long Beach Press-Telegram

BOTTOM: View looking west on Shoreline Drive from Pine Ave. on May 11, 2010. The rollercoast bridge conneting shops at the Pike partially blocks the view of ‘sleek modenr’ buildings in Downtown Long Beach. The Arco Towers are in the center of the picure. Photo by Jeff Gritchen / Long Beach Press-Telegram


Fueled-up on free champagne and eager for a weekend of revelry, 110 passengers flew into Long Beach aboard a specially chartered JetBlue flight Friday honoring Gay Pride Weekend.

The traditionally quick and uneventful flight from San Francisco to Long Beach was transformed into a party replete with pink cocktails, pink cupcakes, flight attendants’ uniforms in pink and 90 minutes of entertainment from comedian Pam Ann.

The idea of a JetPride flight comes as the New York-based carrier has grown gradually more involved in the city’s second-largest annual event, which draws some 70,000 people to Long Beach annually, second in size only to the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. — Kris Hanson

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THEN AND NOW: Ocean Blvd. from the roof of the Breakers, 1975 & 2010


TOP: View of Ocean Blvd between Pine Ave. and Locust Ave. from the northwest corner of the roof of the Breakers Building in Long Beach, Calif. on June 11, 1976. City Hall, center, is under construction. A portion of te Jergens Trust bulding is at left.
BOTTOM:View of Ocean Blvd between Pine Ave. and the Promenade from the northwest corner of the roof of the Breakers Building in Long Beach, Calif. on May 10, 2010. The curved driveway from the Jergens Trust building is all that remains at the southeast corner of Pine Ave. and Ocean Blvd.

PHOTOS: Sailors at the Pike… even if it is for pretend


Faux sailors Zeffrey Zemora, left, and Martin Montiel, chat with beauty queen Reyna Villagrana during The John Muir Academy’s recreation of the Pike in Long Beach, Calif. on April 23, 2010. The John Muir Academy Third Graders hosted the “History Day at the Old Pike” for students and parents as part of the state’s third grade history standards. The goal is for students to learn the history of their city and demonstrate an understanding of the local economy. See more pictures>>

PHOTOS: New Nordstrom in Cerritos


About 2000 shoppers enter the new Nordstrom at the Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, Calif. as they open the doors to their new store on May 7, 2010. This store is a new building that replaces a smaller Nordstrom at the same mall. The store employees over 400 people – 119 new employees were hired for this store. See more pictures>>

PHOTOS: Boeing C-17 employees protest contract


LONG BEACH, CALIF. USA — Tony Connelly, UAW Health and Safety Committee member, protests with Boeing C-17 employees on the corner of Cherry Ave. and Wardlow St. in Long Beach, Calif. on May 6, 2010. The march comes after workers overwhelmingly rejected a 46-month contract proposal late Tuesday. The deal offered a $4,000 bonus payment and 3-percent annual raises, but hiked employee medical and pension payments. see more pictures>>