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PHOTO: Bosco vs. Cabrillo


DOWNEY, CALIF. USA — Cabrillo’s Oscar Ochoa (9) and St. John Bosco’s Angel Covarrubias (7) battle for the ball during the North OC Tournament at Warren High School in Downey, Calif. on December 19, 2011.

PHOTO: Picture Helps Man Find Long Lost Brother


Sometimes everyday assignments surprise you, sometimes they don’t. This one didn’t, then it did.

On a July morning reporter Greg Mellen and I hiked through Downtown Long Beach, Calif., with volunteers counting the Homeless population. During an uneventful meeting, Elissa Finch, a volunteer, stopped to talk to Kevin Evans, a homeless man wondering the streets before sunrise. Finch asked Evans questions about being homeless like how often he slept inside and how long he’d been on the streets.

The picture itself is not anything special and it wasn’t published in the newspaper. But, as with most stories, I built a photo gallery with pictures I shot that day. It was this gallery that allowed Brian Evans, Kevin’s estranged brother of 10 years, to find his older brother.

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