Monthly Archives: October 2013

PHOTOS: The Blind Long Snapper

Jake Olson is the long snapper for Orange Lutheran High – he plays golf, skis and is a motivational speaker… and he is blind. Here he is during their game against St. John Bosco in Bellflower. Read the story>>

PHOTOS: Remembering Stephanie, Jasmine and Jocelin

Long Beach fire investigator Pat Wills consoles Jessica Herrera, left, Daisy Cruz, center, and Daisy Duran after a press conference announcing a resolution to bring city’s Aviles Law statewide. The law, named for Stephanie Aviles 6, Jasmine Aviles 10, and Jocelin Aviles, 7, who were killed in a fire while sleeping in a garage in 2007. Jessica Herrera is the aunt of the girls, Daisy Cruz in the grandmother of the girls and Daisy Duran is the mother of the girls. See more pictures>>