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PHOTO: Dogtown Realty Arts Space

Assaf Raz, left, owner of Dogtown Realty, left, and Drew Golden, managing director of Golden Capital Partners, by a mural they had commissioned for their Santa Monica Office.  The pair opened a new arts space in their historic “dogtown” surf shop building that was at the center of the Z-boys skater culture.

PHOTOS: Atun Restaurant in Bixby Knolls

Atun Restaurant in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach.

PHOTOS: Leelin Bakery and Cafe in Cerritos

Lunchtime diners at Leelin Bakery and Cafe in Cerritos. The Leelin family is working to expand in to Orange County.

PHOTOS: First Day of Summer in L.A. County

The first day of summer in Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles

PHOTOS: Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup Victory Parade

A few pictures from today’s L.A. Kings victory celebration.

MR. LONG BEACH: ‘My Daddy is a Photographer…”

Since today is Father’s Day, Mr. Long Beach’s kids – the Little Beachers – gave their dad the day off. They are writing this week’s column. Here it is, exactly as the words came out of their mouths.

Eight-year-old Little Beacher, Alex:

“My daddy is a photographer and writes a lot of stories and takes a lot of pictures. I think my dad’s favorite part about work is taking pictures. My dad has been working at this newspaper for about a year. Before he worked here, he worked at a different newspaper in Long Beach.

“My dad is a great dad because he is really nice. My dad has taught me a lot of things like how to use the TV remote and how to fly his drone.

“Once, I went to work with him to take pictures. He gave me a camera and let me take pictures, too. It wasn’t really too exciting. He barely had to do anything. Once, Daddy put his camera on a timer and took pictures of us.

“Daddy has a drone. He can put his GoPro camera on it and then he can take pictures in the sky. He takes pictures of lots of different things.

“I am proud of how smart my dad is. He is really smart.

“My favorite part about my daddy is that he plays with me.

“A perfect Father’s Day would be to go to Legoland and buy Daddy a bunch of Lego sets he likes. I would get him a pick-a-brick and Dipping Dots ice cream and lots of other things. I think he likes Legoland and it would be fun for both of us.

“When I’m a dad I’m going to be really smart and have kids and buy a lot of really cool stuff.”

Five-year-old Little Beacher, Emily:

“My dad takes pictures and puts them in the newspaper. He pushes a button on his camera to take the pictures. I really like my daddy because he be’s really really nice to me and he takes lots and lots and lots of pictures of me and my brother.

“He is not the boss of anyone at work. I don’t know what his bosses are like, I am just guessing they just be nice.

“The hardest thing Daddy does at work is have meetings and the easiest thing is take pictures. I think the funnest thing my Dad does at work is take pictures of doggies and catties.

“The best thing my daddy does is be nice to me.

“A perfect Father’s Day would be the best hug ever or bears, a bear hug. We would go to Disneyland. Then, I would tell him to take pictures at places, maybe at the park.

“At work, my daddy takes pictures. On Fridays, he takes pictures of football.”

PHOTOS: Going Solar in North Long Beach

Volunteers from L.A. Trade Tech College join employees of GRID Alternatives as they install solar panels on a house in North Long Beach Friday. GRID Alternatives, which is behind the solar panel project, is a nonprofit that seeks to install solar in low income neighborhoods.

PHOTOS: Long Beach Jordan High Graduation

Commencement ceremonies for Jordan High School at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Long Beach on Wednesday.

MR. LONG BEACH: Two Homes on the Hill Causing Headaches for Cities

Hill Street is steep, and at an incline of almost 30 degrees, it’s fun.

The Signal Hill roadway borders Long Beach and, according to calculations I did on my iPhone, rises about 135 feet in just over a quarter mile.

Years ago it was the spot to see Model Ts climb the steepest hill in the area. Crowds came to watch famous racers prove their cars had the muscle to reach the top.

The incline, informally know as Shell Hill early last century, has not only served as an impromptu proving ground for cars, but also a street luge track and jogging path for runners looking for a steep challenge.

Halfway up the hill sit two houses, or rather, two headaches for the cities of Signal Hill and Long Beach.

The twin homes were built about 10 years ago but never occupied. They are now boarded up and one shows signs of fire damage. The buildings are in Long Beach, although their sidewalk and street are in Signal Hill.

Trying to piece together what happened, Signal Hill Deputy City Manager Charlie Honeycutt thinks that the builder was issued permits from the city of Long Beach but never contacted Signal Hill.

He said the two cities usually talk to each other about issues on the border, but in this case, that didn’t happen. In fact, Signal Hill discovered the buildings when the city manager saw the foundations being framed.

“There is a series of issues with those homes,” Honeycutt said. “Essentially, they were built without inspections and there is still no water and sewer or natural gas utilities.”

Honeycutt’s first concern was that driveway access from Hill Street would be a safety issue. In fact, he said the developer did two traffic studies, but neither engineer would agree to sign off on access. He said the traffic study showed that an SUV couldn’t turn out of a driveway without turning over the street’s center median island.

The next solution was to get access to the back of the homes. But, for that to happen, the developer had to purchase more land.

Long Beach City Councilman Patrick O’Donnell said the builder got construction approval from Long Beach, but never got utility approval from Signal Hill.

O’Donnell explained that over the past couple of years the city has been to court several times over these homes. He said every time it goes to court there is a new owner who makes a promises to do a specified action within a certain amount of time but then never completes that action.

The councilman, seemingly frustrated, said, “We’ve been too nice, for too long, and we’re done with being nice.”

The latest court documents show that the city of Long Beach filed a complaint against 6 Angels LLC and B.D.R. Inc. for continuing violations of the Long Beach Municipal Code.

According to an agreement finalized in April, 6 Angels needs to complete a number of things, including extending Orizaba Street to the back of the homes for vehicle access and extending all utilities to the property.

“We’ve gone to court now for what should be the final time,” O’Donnell said, and if all the actions that have been specified by the judge are not completed, “The homes will be torn down.”

PHOTOS: Frida Kahlo and Her Photos have left MoLAA

Visitors to the Museum of Latin America Art check out the exhibit “Frida Kahlo: Her Photos” in Long Beach on Friday. The exhibit closed June 8th.

PHOTO: Jay’s Hearing Aid Center

Anjan “Jay” Muhury, owner of Jay’s Hearing Aid Center, looks in to a sound booth at his Long Beach office.  Muhury runs the tiny hearing aid business battling larger corporate chains that offer hearing aids.

PHOTOS: Mercedes Benz Starts work on Long Beach Campus

Workers prep holes in the cement for pilings at the new Mercedes Benz Long Beach Campus on Wednesday. Mercedes Benz is moving their West Coast regional facility to a building near Long Beach Airport. The historic location was opened in 1941 as home to the Douglas Aircraft Company and later was home to the Boeing 717.

PHOTO: Pink the Pelican is Free!

Pink the Pelican takes of after being released in San Pedro. The pelican was found with a mutilated throat pouch in Long Beach earlier this year.  After two surgeries and several weeks in care at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center, the adult Brown Pelican has made a “record time” recovery.