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PHOTOS: Art Deco in Los Angeles

Spent a couple days shooting Art Deco buildings in Los Angeles and Hollywood

PHOTOS: Searching for the Elusive Bryde’s Whale

Amid recent sightings of the elusive Bryde’s whale, including two this week, the Aquarium of Pacific set out Wednesday morning to find the rare mammal.

Aquarium education specialist Kera Mathes said the whale, pronounced BROO-duhz, is so rare that only 12 individuals have ever been spotted along the western coast of the United States. However, she said there are about 100 near Hawaii and more in the western Pacific Ocean.

Bryde’s whales are smaller but much more populous than a more common Southern California visitor, the blue whale.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association estimates the Bryde whale’s total population at about 90,000 to 100,000 worldwide, compared with a few thousand blue whales globally. Bryde’s whales grow to 40 to 55 feet long, while blue whales can reach 110 feet in length.

Even though Capt. Dan Salas, who was piloting Harbor Breeze’s newest ship, Triumphant, couldn’t find the scarce whale Wednesday, he did find Eileen. She is a blue whale he nicknamed for her propensity to lean to one side while diving.

Salas insists that every whale is unique.

“Every whale is an individual, just like a human,” he said. “They are all different.”

So he and his crew have taken to naming them: Hook, because of a hooked tail; Curly, because of a curly tail; Nacho, who has a notch in her tail; and Bubbles, because she blows air out of her blowhole before surfacing.

Visitors aboard his boat may never see the Bryde’s whale, but blue whales migrate to California and stay from June to October. Salas said he sees them, along with dolphins, almost every day.

PHOTOS: Bo-beau Kitchen + Roof Tap

Restaurant review of  Bo-beau Kitchen + Roof Tap in Downtown Long Beach.

PHOTOS: Long Beach’s Inaugural Interfaith Prayer Service at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

Newly elected leadership of Long Beach during the Inaugural Interfaith Prayer Service at  Assumption Greek Orthodox Church on Tuesday. From left, CIty Attorney Charles Parkin, City Prosecutor Doug Haubert, Mayor Robert Garcia, City Auditor Laura Doud, Councilmen Al Austin, Roberto Uranga, Stacy Mungo, Suzie Price and Lena Gonzalez.

PHOTOS: The Search for a Missing Swimmer

L.A. County Urban Search and Rescue and L.A. County Sheriff dive teams search for missing teen swimmer Joesph Sanchez at Inspiration Point off the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes on Thursday.

PHOTOS: A Giant Victory, but McCourt Dodges Accountability

Bay Area paramedic Bryan Stow will never fully recover from the brutal beating he received outside Dodger Stadium three years ago, but a multimillion-dollar award for damages will help with his future care and medical bills, his parents said Wednesday. Read the story>>

PHOTOS: A Day at, and Over, Long Beach’s Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier

Long Beach’s Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier is different than most in Southern California. It sits by itself, away from the hustle and bustle of a tourist area or even a Main Street. Read the story>>