THEN AND NOW: View from the Villa Riviera


TOP: Visitors at the Villa Riviera Hotel in 1930s Long Beach were treated to this view of Ocean Blvd. looking west toward San Pedro. Train tracks can be seen on the south side of the street before they turn on Lime Ave and steps head down toward the water where the International Tower now stands. Shoreline Drive, which today would be in the lower left, had not been built yet. The lone tall building on the ocean side of the street is the Breakers. Built as a hotel built in 1926, it is now a senior living community. On the far left you can see the Pike roller coaster and the ocean before it was filled in to make room for the convention center, performing arts center, hotel and other buildings.
BOTTOM:The is the view residents of the Villa Riviera Condominiums enjoy looking west down Ocean Blvd. on August 19, 2008. On the left is the International Tower condominiums. The Breakers can still be seen on the left and In the distance is the World Trade Center, center. A parking lot and the Long Beach Arena now sit where the waves once crashed on the shore of the International City.

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  1. Cathy Outten

    Being a photographer yourself, I’m surprised you didn’t give a credit for the top photo, I’m assuming you didn’t take it yourself?

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