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Marathoner Shin Novaki takes the lead from Romualda Sanchez on Clark Ave. during the 24th. Long Beach International City Bank Marathon. Novaki won the race with a time of 2:21:2. Sanchez, who won the race in 2007, finished in second place with a time of 2:22:42. See more pictures/buy reprints>>

3 thoughts on “Run Long Beach

  1. bryce jacobsen

    As a 23x career marathoner but first time LB marathoner, I have to say I was displeased by the lack of turnout by Long Beach residents Sunday. We ran through many nice neighborhoods around the golf courses and beach areas but had very few onlookers/wellwishers. Most of my encouragement was found by fellow participants. The small exception was the campus, giving me a new appreciation for the CSULB student body. I would hope such an aspiring city of national prominence would show more community spirit futurewise.

  2. Tracey

    Really???? You are a 23X marathoner looking for well wishes from a community to keep you going? I think that for a community to have a marathon in the first place is well wishes enough for most people. I too ran this last Sunday, but my memories and comments of the day would not be the lack of well wishers and support from the community.

  3. Joe Mack

    Dear Bryce Jackson,

    You mention you ran through many, “nice neighborhoods.”
    Come on, man! Out with it! Of course, you mean,
    “white neighborhoods.”
    I”m am sorry you had few onlookers. However, Long Beach residents, (especially the ones whom live in the, “nice” Bixby area) know all so well know that “nice” neighborhoods can no longer be counted on to be so, nice… Boo!

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