MR. LONG BEACH: No pate, but special beef at Kelly’s replacement

The former site of Kelly's of Naples is undergoing a transformation to Chianina Steakhouse. The new restaurant is scheduled to open on Dec. 15.

The former site of Kelly’s of Naples is undergoing a transformation to Chianina Steakhouse. The new restaurant is scheduled to open on Dec. 15.


Here is my third Sunday column.

Q. My friends and I are devastated that Kelly’s in Naples is no more. Their paté at the beginning of every meal was always a highlight. We have actually carried a container of it aboard an airplane on several occasions when we traveled to Portland, Oregon to visit friends who were pining for its creamy deliciousness. Please find out if Michael will be making this Long Beach tradition part of his new steakhouse.
–Rosemary Sissons, University Park Estates

A. No, you won’t be able to get the paté you loved at the restaurant replacing Kelly’s.

Michael Dane, the new owner of the former Kelly’s in Naples Restaurant, said they will have all sorts of paté, but not the exact paté that Kelly’s served – nor will it be placed on every table like the former restaurant.

Kelly’s, which opened in 1958, closed earlier this year. The closure was wrought with “he said, she saids” that involved locks being drilled out and changed, then replaced, then drilled out again and somewhere in between, a good portion of the restaurant’s equipment was shuffled out the door. It’s a complicated story that Mr. Long Beach won’t get into here, because, well … it’s complicated.

Dane said he has nothing to do with the old troubles and he doesn’t own the rights to use the Kelly’s name. “Kelly’s was a tradition” he said, “but we are going to create a new tradition and maintain a steakhouse at that location.”

When asked about comparisons to Kelly’s, the oldest steakhouse in the city, Dane simply said his new restaurant, name Chianina, is going to be, “Long Beach’s newest steakhouse.” He added, “We are not hopeful, we are sure we will make this successful.” This will be his third restaurant on Naples Island.

Dane said he hopes to create a “gourmet food alley that not only includes my restaurants, but also Naples Sushi, the Rib Company, K.C. Branaghan’s and more.” He added, “I’d like to see an expansion of dining that’s different from the national brands on Second Street.”

Chianina, meaning white cow, is named for a 2000-year-old Italian breed of cattle that Dane is raising and breeding in Oregon specifically for this restaurant at 5716 E. 2nd St.

Michael Dane is slated to open the new steakhouse Dec. 15. His company, Michael’s Restaurant Group, also owns Michael’s on Naples and Michael’s Pizzeria.

Mr. Long Beach’s Fun Fact: During World War II, two exterior cement boxes were built on the roof of The Breakers in Downtown Long Beach for defense. The Sky Room restaurant at the top of the building became the official Airwatch Headquarters for Long Beach Harbor. One of the boxes still is atop the south side of the tower.

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