AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Valentine’s Day Weddings

Here is a little video of people getting married at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder office in Norwalk on Valentines Day.

For Emmanuel Vaughn, re- membering his wedding anniversary won’t be a problem – he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Desarae Flowers, on Valentine’s Day.

“We wanted to do it on lovers’ day because we love each other so much,” said Vaughn, of Long Beach.

His new wife chimed in, “We’ll never forget this day.”

Sharing the Vaughns’ wedding day were about 150 other couples who married Friday at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Re- corder/County Clerk office in Norwalk – about five times more than a normal day. Tucked away in a fifth-floor corner of the gov- ernment building were six chap- els made from high-walled cubi- cles decorated with red stream- ers and paper hearts. A rotating crew of commissioners waited to marry anybody who paid the $90 license and $25 ceremony fees.

Surrounded by friends and family who had a difficult time squeezing into the cubicle-chapel, an excited Teri Skipper of Long Beach said she’d been engaged to William Skipper for seven years and eight months, and that get- ting married on Valentine’s Day would be “the perfect day.”

Despite being together for eight years, and talking about marriage for many of them, George Stefanis said his decision to wed Peter Guerrero on Valen- tine’s Day was an off-the-cuff deci- sion. The day before, Stefanis thought, “Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day – let’s just go get it done.”