PHOTO: Dinosaurs go Extinct on Wardlow Road

Jose Barajas, left, Jose Silva, right, and Leo Martires work to remove dinosaurs along Wardlow Road near El Dorado Park in Long Beach on Tuesday

The Dinosaurs were originally intended to be placed in City parks and used as bike racks. The Director of Parks, Recreation and Marine felt that they could pose a risk to kids who might want to climb on them rather than use them to lock their bikes. Ed Kamlan in the City Manager’s office said, “Rather than keep them in a city warehouse, we have been looking for places to display them to add some “whimsy” to appropriate areas.” One of those areas was on a median on Wardlow Road at El Dorado Park..

“The traffic calming experiment has ended and the dinosaurs will be replaced by trees to provide landscaping that blends in with the park environment on either side of the Wardlow, explained Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske.

According to Schipske’s office, “If the average speed is not slowed down, the State may require the City to raise the limit to 55 MPH which would negatively impact the neighborhoods”