THEN AND NOW: Downtown Pier / South Pine Ave.


TOP: View looking north from the Pine Ave. pier in 1925 in Long Beach, Calif. The Breakers Hotel can be seen on the right and the Security Building in in the center, to the right of the pier.

BOTTOM: View looking north from the South Pine Ave. on in 2009 in Long Beach, Calif. The entire area south of Ocean Blvd. was filled in in various stages in the past 70 years.

One thought on “THEN AND NOW: Downtown Pier / South Pine Ave.

  1. Judy Boyer

    I was born and raised in Long Beach from 1947 until I moved in 1991 to Irvine. I have so many memories of Pine Ave – all the great stores I would go to with my parents. The shoreline was so much different. I wrote to you before since my parents lived in Long Beach in the 1920’s, but I couldn’t find any specific pictures of the shoreline when my mom and her brother grew up on the beaches, the pike, the Virgina Hotel. I’m fortunate that I remember all of this and wish it still looked like that. All the buildings there now have taken away from some of the great areas it once was. I think when they took down rainbow bridge, the red cars and more, then all of a sudden some things are back – how sad is all of that. I now live in Scottsdale, AZ. I don’t get back often to Long Beach, but when I do, I go to all the places I loved growing up and wonder where it all went. Some of it is still the same – Belmont Shore, Wilson High School, some of Ocean Blvd. I don’t think it’s the best now the way the downtown area is – it was so much better in the 50’s and 60’s and everyone would go downtown and it was busy and thriving. I read the Press Telegram every day even though I don’t live there anymore. I just want to see everything that is still going on in the city I was born.

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