PHOTOS: Melody Ross Funeral


Melody Ross’ parents, Vanareth Ross, center, and Chantha Ross, left, grieve over their daughter’s casket during a funeral service at Rose HIlls in Whittier, Calif. on November 14, 2009. Ross was shot and killed after the homecoming game at WIlson High School in Long Beach, Calif. on October 30, 2009. See more pictures>>

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Melody Ross Funeral

  1. Tanae

    Im soo sorry ,I hope everything be okay . Im from Inglewood , Ca. and I seen this on the news and thought it was very terrifying to see a young girl getting shot a killed. I prayed and thank the lord that she lived her 16 years of live to the fullest. I dont even know her , but she seems like a great person. I wish you guys the best.
    – Tanae. R.I.P. Melody Ross.

  2. Johnny

    I cant believe the utter stupidity of the idiot who shot into the crowd of people and killed this young girl. I hope he rotts in prison. Every day while hes in prison someone should look at him in the face and tell him youre a fukkin idiot.

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