PHOTOS: You just spent the day volunteering in the Los Cerritos Wetlands. What are you going to do next? You're going to Disneyland!


Volunteers clear non-native brush from the Los Cerritos Wetlands just south of Studebaker Road and Second Street in Long Beach, Calif. on Friday, January 8, 2010. The natural habit might not be the happiest place on Earth, but volunteers who spend a few hours as volunt”ears” will earn a free ticket to Disneyland. According to Lenny Arkinstall, Founder and Executive Director Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards, the DIsney volunteer program has caused a large increase in volunteer interest in his program. On Friday Arkinstall had 12 volunteers, three of them were Wilson High students working on a class project and seven of them were working to earn a free trip to Disneyland. DIsney’s Give a Day, Get a Day program works like this; You give a day of volunteer service to one of their approved groups and they’ll give you a free ticket to one of their parks. See more photos>> | Disney’s GIve a Day, Get a Day site