THEN AND NOW: Firestone Blvd. in Downey


TOP: ORIGINAL CAPTION: DOWNEY plans renovation of this block-long stretch of Firestone Blvd. This is the south side of Firestone Blvd between Downey Ave and La Reina Ave. on April 26, 1984 Photo by Kent Henderson / Long Beach Press-Telegram

BOTTOM:This is the south side of Firestone Blvd between Downey Ave and La Reina Ave. on April 7, 2010.

4 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW: Firestone Blvd. in Downey

  1. Kennebreath

    This is a sad commentary on the current state of main street type retail drags. I’m not a big government interventionist, but the City really needs to take a role revitalizing in the form of economic development, a signage program, or street improvements or maybe all of the above. What a depressing sight, no business owner in their right mind would want to try and relocate her when the whole block is dead like this.

  2. Bob Stavis

    It actually looked a lot better then , than it does now.
    The City of Downey sign ordinance in the mid 80’s banning all rooftop signs did nothing to improve this block at all that’s forsure.


    I loved growing up in Downey. It still looks the same as it did then a little sad.

  4. Amaryllis

    I agree about the banning of rooftop signs comment. I’ve lived in Downey my whole life and the streets are so bare with plain stores that have styles stuck in the early 1960s’. We may have large and modern homes coming up daily at increasing paces, but economically we could be doing better with updated renovations to stores and streets.

    Instead of wanting to remain local and hang out at this location, lots of Downey residents around my age (20) go to 2nd street in Long Beach or Downtown Pasadena.

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