Clowning Around

Ok, so you might be thinking “being a photographer is a pretty easy job” I run in to alot of people who think that. You say to me “wow, that’s a cool camera, IT must take great pictures.” Well, that’s like saying to a writer, “thats a cool pen, it must write great stories.” Anyway, I’ve gotten off track. My goal today was to tell you about the problems I encounter at the most mundane assignments. Today the clowns from the circus were visiting the sick kids at the hospital. Pretty straight forward right? Well, I get to the hospital and the front desk makes me wait for 15 minutes before I can get clearance to go inside. Keep in mind that the hospital invited us. Then I get to the sick kids and the hospital tells me they only have permission to photograph one child. After taking pictures of a very nice boy who has Leukemia we head to another part of the hospital. When were arrive I’m told they don’t have authorization to photography any of the kids. Sure, these problems pale in comparison to the kids who are sick in the hospital – but I’m stilll left wondering why the hospital and the circus would invite the press and then say “NO PICTURES”