Religion, Immigration, Patriots, The Constitution, Aliens, etc., etc., etc.,

Proponents from both sides of the immigration debate squared in front of St. Luke’s Church. Save Our State, an anti-illegal immigration group, was upset because of a recent decision by St. Luke’s to offer sanctuary to a 29 year-old illegal immigrant and her U.S.-born infant son. Counter-protesters organized by Fast Response Network, Workers in Resistance and Cuauhtemoc Dance also yelled their little hearts out. These groups support the New Sanctuary Movement, which placed Mexican native Liliana, whose last name was withheld, and her son Pablo at the Long Beach church. At one point during the back and forth yelling Liliana’s supporter dragged out her two older children, who, after being prompted, said to the news media, “We want our mommy.” The crazy part about this protest is that police had each group separated in to their own corrals facing one another. And both groups were using the same religious rhetoric and The Constitution to defend their positions. Oh, and apparently both sides hate George Bush.