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Michael Jackson throws out first pitch at Armada Game


Ok, ok, ok. so it’s not ‘the’ Michael Jackson, just an impersonator. He performed at the game between innings because it was Michael Jackson Remembrance Night at Blair Field. Not only was there an faux MJ, but when it came time to play the National Anthem it was a recording of the Jackson 5 from 1970. Also, Arby I, the team’s mascot, was wearing one glove.



Brooklynn Lodevico , center, tries to balance a peacock feather on her finger during a 30-minute fitness workout with Clown comedian Dean Kelly using circus inspired props and accessories such as juggling scarves, hula hoops and peacock feathers at the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach. The goal is for kids to have an opportunity to learn ways to be active and healthy like a Ringling Bros. performer. See more pictures>>